Vault Agreement

12.1 The client frees virtual safes from any action based on content, violating the rights of third parties or in contradiction with applicable laws, or by other illegal or unauthorized means, and reimburses all costs of virtual safes accordingly. 12.2 Virtual chests compensate the customer for any third-party rights; based on the assertion that the elements of the service developed by Virtual Vaults or any other work developed by Virtual Vaults as part of the agreement establish a Dutch intellectual or industrial property right, provided that: 12.2.1 the customer immediately informs Vaults of the existence and content of the right by recommended letter and in advance by e-mail; 12.2.2 The client refrains from comparing any confirmation or other statement regarding relevant intellectual property rights that have a negative effect on Virtual Vaults` defence and on the continued handling of the case, including consent, without the prior written consent of Virtual Vaults; and 12.2.3 The client leaves the defence management against the application and the continuation of the handling of the case, including the agreement on possible comparisons, Virtual Vaults. To this end, the client provides Virtual Vaults with all the information and cooperation necessary to defend itself against the law, since the client has the right to retain his or her own legal representation in relation to the claim; (b) Virtual safes will include the client in the handling of the case; and c) Virtual Vaults will not agree, without the customer`s consent, to charge the right for which the customer is compensated by Virtual Vaults, as the compensation would entail costs to the customer or would have a significant negative impact on the continued use of the works agreed under the agreement, for which Virtual Vaults compensates the customer. The client will not refuse or delay consent for unreasonable reasons. 12.3 The customer frees Virtual Vaults from any claim, regardless of legal basis, from guest users/users as part of the implementation of the agreement and reimburses all the resulting costs for Virtual Vaults.

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