Utilities Tenancy Agreement

A landlord/agent who (no repairs or maintenance) intervenes in the supply of gas, electricity, water, telecommunications or other services is contrary to your rental agreement. You can ask the court to order the landlord/agent to stop such an offence and/or restore the delivery, as well as compensation. You must file an application within 3 months of the offence. You can also apply for a rent reduction for the time you spent without the service, but you must apply before the end of the lease. For help, contact your local tenant counselling and lawyer. See also fact sheet 11: NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal). However, the existing sockets are facilities that are made available with the premises for the use of the tenant. As such, the lessor is required to ensure that these facilities are in an appropriate condition and that these facilities are maintained, unless the lease expressly excludes it. If leaks occur in one of the appliances during the tenancy, the tenant must notify the landlord (including in writing) and request repair of the leak. (See also fact sheet 06: Repairs and maintenance). Section 5 of the RTA prevents landlords and tenants from “preparing” under the law.

In other words, if you sign a tenancy agreement with a clause that unduly reduces your tenant rights, that clause may be considered unenforceable. For example, it is illegal for a landlord to include a term in an agreement that allows him to inspect a tenant`s house at any time without proper notice. Section 29 of the RTA makes it clear that owners must notify owners at least 24 hours in writing, and this rule cannot be circumvented. Although oral leases are covered by the Residential Leases Act (RTA), it is always best to have a written agreement with your landlord. Signing a Hardcopy contract is one of the best ways to protect yourself as a tenant, as it proves the conditions you agreed to at the beginning of your lease. Your landlord can provide the standard rental agreement for residential rents (TEL. If they choose to use their own agreement, they must have all the standard information required by law, as does the RTB agreement. For more information, see section 12 of the RTA and section 13 of the rent regulations.

Negative: Fixed-term leases offer less flexibility than monthly leases. If you have to terminate your lease prematurely – also known as “lease break” – you may owe some money to your landlord. If your landlord tries to change a term in your lease without your consent, you can use the standard letter of TRAC, an illegal clause in the lease, to inform them that you are not accepting the proposed amendment and that you will continue to follow your existing agreement. You should be informed if you pay the electricity bills when you study the terms of the lease, as should be stated in this document. If you are a renter in rental accommodation, don`t be surprised to find that you have to pay for electricity, gas and a phone in addition to the rental. If you don`t know, gas, electricity, telephone services, municipal tax, television and broadband are called “utility companies.” TTV understands that sometimes electricity bills are included in the rent, but it is very rare these days.

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