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To this end, the Community has decided to propose to Morocco a harmonisation of the rules of origin with the rules established in agreements with other Mediterranean countries, which are in line with the rules set out in agreements with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe as soon as these rules are applicable in a Mediterranean country. 2. Without prejudice to Article 11, these agreements do not affect the EU`s provisions on the transmission of information of information of interest to the Competent Commission and the Customs Authorities of the Member States between the competent services of the Member States. Imports into the Community of prepared or preserved sardines under codes NC 16041311, 1604 13 19 and ex 1604 20 50 originating in Morocco are subject to the regimes provided for in Article 1, subject to the following provisions: These references apply, if applicable, to all processed products that use non-native materials, even if they are not subject to specific conditions in the Schedule II list but are subject to the amendment of the the position that can be submitted to Article 7, paragraph 1.b) establishing, if necessary, a legal framework for the promotion of investment, including through the conclusion of investment protection and double taxation agreements by Morocco and the Member States. The above cancellation procedure applies to the list of products to which Moroccan reference prices apply at the time of elimination. 4. The officials of either contracting party may, with the agreement of the other party and under the conditions it sets, be present in the territory of that party for reasons of reflection. The provisions of the agreement may apply to goods in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol which, on the date of the agreement`s entry into force, are either in transit, in transit, in the Community or Morocco or, to the extent that Articles 3, 4 and 5 apply, in Algeria or Tunisia, in temporary storage in customs warehouses or in free zones. , subject to the presentation of a EUR.1 certificate, confirmed retroactively by the competent authorities of the Export State to the customs authorities of the import state, within four months of that date, accompanied by documents attesting that the goods were transported directly. These procedures are adopted after this agreement comes into force by mutual agreement between the parties and the most appropriate instruments.

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