Subcontractors Agreement Template Free

If you waive the appointment of a lawyer to elaborate all the details of a subcontracting agreement, the use of a formal and prefabricated draft subcontract is the closest thing. Prime pays or reimburses the subcontractor for VAT, GST, HST, sales taxes and user fees or similar transaction taxes that are levied on services and/or supplies sold to Prime under a contract, provided that such taxes are imposed by law on Prime, either jointly or severally. Prime does not pay or reimburse the Subcontractor for taxes imposed by law on the Subcontractor, including, but not limited to, taxes levied on the Subcontractor`s net or gross income, capital, net assets, property or taxes related to the Subcontractor`s employment on the Subcontractor or on the Subcontractor`s employees, representatives or subcontractors. .

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