Shoalhaven City Council Enterprise Agreement

“We continue to work with other boards and expect them to be more committed to the Splinter Award, increasing the same support and support for their employees during the current crisis.” “The main features are the requirement that boards look for alternative ways of working in which staff can be redistributed during the crisis, as well as specific leave provisions and a maintenance allowance that ensures a minimum safety net for all local authority employees.” This agreement, which has already been signed by the overwhelming majority of NSW councils, provides security and security for workers in these difficult times and keeps more staff in paid employment for longer. United Services Union Secretary General Graeme Kelly said the agreement was aimed at saving jobs and providing financial security for local government workers, who are facing the dramatic consequences of the current pandemic. The boards of Shoalhaven City, Kiama, Eurobodalla and Bega Shire have all signed a workplace agreement that will protect thousands of local government jobs during the current health crisis. Negotiations between local unions, councils and the local employers` organization Government NSW, more than 100 councils have already signed the 2020 Local Government Award (COVID-19), which was approved late on Tuesday by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. The Splinter Award, valid for 12 months, is designed specifically for the effects of the COVID-19 health crisis and serves alongside the existing price and all enterprise agreements in the various boards. The employment contract provides for work maintenance allowances for workers who are unable to perform their usual duties due to COVID 19 service closures. Please note that all comments produced or posted here are linked by the terms and conditions of online discussion. “Many of these workers have already been dispossessed or forced to take run leave, which has put them in real financial difficulty.” This Splinter Award provides immediate support to our members, particularly those working in services closed or disrupted by COVID-19, such as libraries and aquatic centres,” said Kelly. The Board will be required to seek other suitable jobs for workers whose regular jobs have been affected by mandatory closures or other changes, and if this is not possible, these workers will receive a weekly allowance of $858.20 for a 13-week period. Workers can supplement this allowance from their accumulated annual or long-term service leave and increase their normal rate of pay.

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