Rig Sale Agreement

In order to reach an agreement with the shipyards and creditors, Borr Drilling plans to offer up to $30 million in new stock securities representing the economic interests of the same number of underlying common shares of the company, with a par value of $0.05 each. NOW, for and taking into account the premises and reciprocal agreements included therein, buyers and sellers agree as follows: amounts due before the closing date in accordance with the delivery and seller contracts of equipment contracts, orders (fulfilled before conclusion), office rental contracts, service contracts and catering contracts. In the context of the foregoing, Buyer and Seller will make reasonable efforts or make reasonable efforts to ensure that a third party is required to perform all such documents and/or make reasonable efforts to perform such acts and things that the other party reasonably requests after the Closing Date, in order to implement this Agreement and all documents entered into pursuant to it. it has been brought into force. including the transfer, assignment and assumption of the obligations set out therein. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Seller shall not be required to transfer or assign to Buyer its intellectual property or internal policies, procedures or systems. Icon Fleet has also entered into a share sale agreement with PPTB for the purchase of a 51% stake in Perisai Offshore Sdn Bhd for RM1.06 million. 4.5 The parties negotiate in good faith the implementation of a novation agreement between them and Saudi Aramco (“Novation Agreement”), in which the Buyer takes over all rights, interests and claims as well as all liabilities, obligations and obligations of the Seller or its related companies (if any) arising from the conclusion or agreement (a) of offshore drilling facilities, 6600019840, of and between Hercules Offshore Arabia Ltd. and Saudi Aramco of 17 March 2008; (b) Offshore Drilling Facility Contract, Contract No. 6600019680, signed and concluded between Hercules Offshore Arabia Ltd and Saudi Aramco on 17 March 2008; and (c) Offshore Drilling Facilities Contract, Contract No. 6600028335, of and between Hercules Offshore Arabia Ltd.


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