Odoo Service Level Agreement

DDoS is defined as protection against DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service). All hosts operated by Port Cities have very high network capabilities and have designed their infrastructure to withstand the most significant DDoS attacks (denial-of-service distribution). Their automatic and manual mitigation systems can detect and redirect data traffic to the periphery of their multi-continental networks before they can interrupt the availability of services. Check server usageWe have automatic checks to tell us when server resources are approaching critical levels. We work with the client, and if they are approaching the limit, we recommend, if they need to plan, to add resources to their server. Please note that it is not the performance performance server that is different. Port Cities implements automatic operating system updates and fixes as part of our routine procedures. This will be part of a continuous maintenance phase of regular updates. When new kernels, security patches, service packs and hotfix are released, the servers are automatically updated. This security is provided at the network level and includes secure network configurations, frequent network scanners and general knowledge of secure network maintenance.

Firewalls enhance security and prevent certain disasters if properly configured. With this service, our administrators set up and maintain a firewall routing perimeter for the server concerned. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are commitments you make with your customers to describe how a service is provided. It builds trust between you and your customers because it clearly indicates what to do, at what level and when. Our server team always has the server integrity and power tools that are run on the server. We do a weekly health and performance review to ensure that the client reaches optimal levels. If necessary, we work with the customer on what we believe will improve the health and performance of the servers. Dissolution time. For Niova IT SLAs, customers with a pre-defined resolution period can know the quality of service they can expect as soon as they go to your help centre.

The resolution period is the delay between the first opening of the ticket by the customer and the time the ticket is resolved (i.e. closed). Port Cities performs 14 complete backups of each Odoo database for up to 3 months: 1 per day for 7 days, 1 per week for 4 weeks, 1 per month for 3 months. Backups are replicated on a number of servers defined by the level of support for the management of the service you have chosen. Users can download manual backups of their data live at any time and customers can contact our helpdesk to retrieve any backups we keep or a live backup that the customer has included in the live database. The priority level is first set by Niova IT. We know a lot about your business and are generally able to make this provision accurately. Sometimes we could do this wrong and not fully perceive the magnitude of the problem, so please let us know if you think a problem warrants another level of priority and why. The priority level for a given task is determined based on the impact of the problem and the emergency reported by the client. For our contract customers, we use the following matrix to reach a priority level: All Port Cities servers run hardened Ubuntu/Linux distributions with current security patches.

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