Industrial Forest Management Agreement (Ifma)

According to initial reports from the Community Office for the Environment and Raw materials (CENRO) in Zamboanga, DENR`s front unit, it was assumed that the video of the deforested part was the preparation of the SODACO site, one of two companies suspended by Cimatu. IFMA allows companies to erect industrial tree plantations in certain areas, but is allowed to cut down the remaining trees, subject to the authorization of the DENR secretary. “We will hold them accountable [to IFMA owners] when we find that there have been violations of the alleged obligations to assist in forest management and not to be responsible for such environmental degradation,” said Cimatu. Meanwhile, Cimatu gave the team of 12 DENR probes until Friday to complete its investigation of the Dacon areas, known as the shredded part of the Zamboanga Mountains, that Duterte showed. As this was not enough, roy Cimatu, chief of the environment, commissioned a review of ifMAs, which were granted to all companies in total 104. Of the 104 IFMAs across the country, 40 are in Luzon, 13 in Visayas and 51 in Mindanao. It was also collected that 10 IFMAs were exposed in Region 9 where the floods occurred. To prevent the resurgence of environmental damage, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has launched an audit for all 104 companies authorized by Integrated Forest Management Agreements (IMIs). .

Cimatu said that while several companies have stopped operating, there are reports of illegal poaching at IFMA sites. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) suspended the operation of two large companies for alleged violation of their IFAMs, after President Rodrigo Duterte accused them of the floods and mudslides that killed dozens of people in Zamboanga Del Norte, at the height of Typhoon Vinta. Cimatu noted, among other things, the need to assess the compliance and performance of IFMA sites, including those of the Dacon Group, whose two companies, South Davao Development C., Inc. (SODACO) and Sirawai Plywood-Lumber Corp (SPLC) in the City of Sibuco, were both asked to cease operations.

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