Des Transfer By Agreement Form 2018

Contact a JobAccess advisor by phone at 1800 464 800 or fill out our application form. Participants can switch providers five times during their stay in the program without question. After these transfers, the participant can still request a transfer, but this request is subject to evaluation. Participants can choose almost any provider, even if the provider is not in the immediate vicinity (as long as the participant can make the first appointment face-to-face). Participants can choose a provider that is close to their home or perhaps closer to their regular route. Participants also have control over how they receive services. Participants can choose to have face-to-face appointments, phone or video chat. Participants should work with their provider to agree on a service strategy that best suits their needs. The Disability Employment Services (DES) program gives participants flexibility and choice in what services they receive and how to receive them. Participants can choose their preferred supplier when first participating in the program. At their first centrelink meeting, DES participants will have the opportunity to check out the suppliers in their area and choose the provider they think is best suited to their needs. Participants are encouraged to check with suppliers in their area prior to their centrelink appointment on the JobAccess site.

If a subscriber is not satisfied with the services they receive, they can switch providers at any time by calling the National Customer Service Line at 1800 805 260. . .

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