Chek Tv Collective Agreement

The B.C government will not repeal existing collective agreements between unionized hotel employees and their employers. The agreement also provides for an improvement in mileage costs for community nurses. Mr. Banister concluded that the province probably had to answer a number of difficult questions, such as the economic crisis caused by the COVID pandemic and the resulting layoffs that require state intervention to protect workers` recall rights? and are unionized workers required to negotiate additional rights in the midst of a global pandemic, regardless of whether their collective agreements can be renewed or not? Recall rights are included in most collective agreements in the hospitality industry and allow laid-off workers to return to work without senority within a specified period – usually between 13 weeks and 24 months. “I have decided that the best way to proceed is not to interfere in collective bargaining. I always knew that the best solution would be negotiated for all parties at the negotiating table,” said the province`s Labour Minister, Harry Bains, in a press release. Unite Here, which is currently negotiating six new collective agreements with various expired hotels or employers, has asked the province to amend the Labour Standards Regulation Act to allow workers to have a right of recall until they are effectively recalled or 12 months after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. B.C. nurses receive a two per cent annual pay increase under a new three-year collective agreement. According to the BC Nurses`Union, 54% of the more than 21,000 ballots supported the agreement reached in November.

“The government will not repeal existing collective agreements and ongoing negotiations in the hotel sector, including negotiations between Unite Here Local 40 and other unions,” Bains said, adding. I hope that all parties concerned will be able to find a common solution at the negotiating table, and I call on both sides to meet as soon as possible to find a voluntary solution to this important issue. According to Banister`s report, employers in the sector believe that the collective bargaining process must be respected and that any extension of recall rights must be negotiated. “In the face of devastating layoffs caused by the unsuspected exceptional situation of a global pandemic, hotel unions support state intervention to ensure that workers employed by unions with intact seniority are returned to their workplaces when the sector recovers and non-union workers in this sector share this protection,” she wrote.

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