Azure Enterprise Agreement Faqs

While you can create an enterprise agreement with Microsoft specifically for Azure, most companies that use this option already have an EA for using their software resources such as Windows, Office, SharePoint, System Center, etc. If you have an EA for other products, you can simply add Azure to that existing agreement by making a financial commitment in advance. You can then use eligible Azure cloud services throughout the year to fulfill the requirement. And you can pay for additional use beyond the obligation at the same prices. As with any Enterprise License Agreement (ELA), including the AWS EDP, you commit to a contract term and contract volume to earn additional discounts. Also make sure you have rain changes. Migrating to CSP When the new Azure experience is launched for CSP, the upcoming operational guide for partners contains information on possible migration steps: It turns out that the minimum azure Enterprise obligations is very low. For each of the three years of the agreement, you must make a prior money commitment with a minimum order value of a “Monetary Commitment SKU” of USD 100 per month (USD 1200/year). That little engagement makes sense: once a company is on a cloud platform, it`s sticky – country and expansion is the name of the game for Azure, AWS, and Google. They expect the infrastructure to grow far beyond the minimum and only have to have one foot in the door. And of course, the starting point in the cloud must be significantly cheaper and more flexible than on prem infrastructure.

If you purchase an Azure support plan online, you will be charged immediately for the first month. You will be charged the monthly amount on the first day of each subsequent billing period. Enterprise Agreement (EA) purchases follow the billing cycle of the agreement. There are some Azure-specific EA benefits in addition to the price to entice users to get off Pay-As-You-Go. You can create and manage multiple Azure subscriptions with a single EA. You can also roll up and manage all your subscriptions to get an enterprise view of how many minutes of resources you use per subscription. In addition, you can assign accounting services and cost points to the subscription-burn, making it easier for you to manage budgets and view expenses at different deployment levels. The corporate agreement provides legal protection as well as a Business Association Agreement (BAA) between the University of Michigan and Microsoft.

Please note that only subscriptions created under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and related to faculty and personnel are covered by the agreement. Azure Service Level Agreements are independent of our on-premises Microsoft licensing agreements. Our azure SLAs offer you a monthly uptime guarantee for the services you use in the cloud, with SLA credits on what we`ve charged you if we don`t meet the warranty. I have a customer with an EA through another partner. You want to remove the partner and switch to Azure CSP. I checked: and this: students and alumni can use a free Azure account from Microsoft…

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