Aircraft Lease Agreement Sample

(a) subject to the following conditions, the lessor agrees to lease the taker and the tenant agrees to lease the aircraft, including the aircraft, to the owner, to the engines and to all the equipment designed (hereafter referred to as “aircraft” in accordance with Schedule A.b) the renter buys the aircraft from the taker and leases it to the taker; when the lessor, on or before the last delivery date (see Appendix B), each of the form and content documents satisfactory to the renter: (i) a copy of that lease executed by the taker, (ii) a sales invoice in the form of Schedule C and a sale invoice from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on form ac 8050-2, which transfers the title of the aircraft to the leaseholder; (iii) copies of insurance policies or, at the landlord`s choice, other insurance evidence that meets Section 9 requirements; (iv) proof of an aircraft number N, accompanied by a transfer of rights to the renter; (v) proof that the aircraft has been duly certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with respect to type and airworthiness; (vi) proof that the FAA fiduciary agent appointed by Demor (the lawyer may be faA) received in trust the end-of-contract sales form and form AC 8050-1 for the registration of aircraft (with the exception of the pink copy that must be made available to the aircraft upon their adoption) and a duplicate of that lease executed in an appropriate form for the faA; (vii) a decision of the tenant approving the lease in the form of Schedule D; (viii) an inspection and/or investigation of the aircraft completed in accordance with the requirements of the Certificate of Acceptance; (ix) an opinion of the FAA advisor on the form and content acceptable to the renter, including the correct recording of the aircraft and the presentation of documents under the structure of the lease; and x) these other documents that can reasonably be required by Le Bailleur. The leaseholder`s obligation to lease the aircraft under this directive is also subject to (1) aircraft acquisition costs that do not exceed the cost of the scheduleD principals; 2) in the event of delivery of the aircraft, the execution and delivery of a registration certificate in the form of Schedule E to the renter; and (3) submission of all necessary documents to the FAA and their acceptance by the FAA. This agreement is between the “owner” and the Mountain Flyers, Inc., known here as the “Club” or “MtnFlyers.” The owner is currently an active member of MtnFlyers and the rest for the duration of the agreement. In accordance with the terms of the lease, the lessor agrees to acquire the aircraft described in Schedule A of the lease and to lease it to the tenant. (1) Extension option: extension of the rental period of an additional twelve (12) months (the “extending period”) to a monthly rent to be paid late on the same day of each month in which the basic rent was paid and calculated as the proceeds of (i) the costs of the capitalized lessor; (ii) a rental factor calculated by the lessor; which, when multiplying the investor`s costs, results in a product equal to the amount required to fully repay the unpre amortized principal balance (as shown in the amortization table attached to Schedule 1 B) (determined from the expiry date of the second extension period), as well as interest at the interest rate (see Appendix B), in twelve (12) same monthly advice. At the end of the extension period, the tenant buys all, but not all, of the plane for a dollar ($1.00) in cash, as well as all rental and other amounts that will then be payable on that day, plus all taxes and transfer fees as well as all other reasonable and documented expenses incurred by the lessor in connection with such a transfer.

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