Agreement Sewa Kedai Pdf

Academia edu is a platform for academics to exchange research. This agreement is indicated in section 1 of the first calendar between the party whose name and description are indicated in section 2 of the first calendar, depending on the owner named the lessor. Examples of documents or leases for commercial premises and warehouses. e) The tenant must pay and pay all electricity and water bills used in the premises during the duration of the contract and payment invoices are delivered to the lessor as proof. (f) The tenant allows the host or any person authorized by the host to enter the premises or part of the host to monitor and verify the condition of the premises at an appropriate time. For the purposes of this inspection, the host sends a 24-hour notice or notification to the tenant before entering the site or part of the site. (g) The tenant cannot modify or modify a facility or construction without the host`s prior written permission. If an amendment or supplement is allowed, the tenant does so at his own expense, without the right to request a contribution or assistance from the lessor. (h) the tenant may not give in, rent, transfer, abandon or share ownership of the premises or part of it without the prior written consent of the lessor. (i) The tenant always takes care of the plantations by maintaining and maintaining herbs, flowers and will not cut fruit trees and flowers without the host`s prior permission. (j) The tenant ensures that the premise is still in a clean condition. (k) The tenant will maintain and maintain the premises, including exits, electrical wiring, sewers and all mirrors and windows, lock covers and all owner`s facilities and facilities in good condition for the duration of the lease.

(l) The tenant does not cut any part of the wall, floor and ceiling of the house in any way including nails, screws etc. and always keeps the floor surface, mirror, ceiling and walls without scratches. (m) The tenant will not cause or cause any disturbance, damage, or problems to the owner or residents of the site. (n) In the event that the prescribed rent or part of it is not paid seven (7) days after the due date, or if the tenant does not meet or meet the conditions, it is legitimate for the lessor to evict the tenant immediately from the premises and that contract is deemed to expire. o) The tenant must not take or store flammable or dangerous goods and, for reasons such as information and reference materials, cannot authorize the right leases. The store owner accepted the rental and the tenant agreed to rent the room during the agreed rental period, which begins on the day of the rental and ends with a monthly rent of ringgit malaysia.

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