Acumatica End User License Agreement

The “bait and switch” is neither new nor limited to the software industry. For years, companies with grandiose promises and special offers have been attracting and rushing to the fine print. Software providers do not differ when they offer significant discounts or low introductory prices that disappear in the second or third year of the extension agreement. They do not discuss price increases, and why should they? If they told you to expect an increase of 20 to 50% a year, you would be a candidate at the door. The Acumatica license guide is provided to improve your understanding of the Acumatica license for software and service usage. If you are not an Acumatica customer, you may be surprised to learn that your provider`s SaaS (EULA) end-user license agreement, which gives you the right to use its software, does not necessarily give you ownership of your ERP data. Techopedia explains that the data rights of the supplier are protected, not those of the customer. “The software provider holds the license and also legally holds the user`s private data that was introduced into the software. Software providers can access, read or share consumers` private data at any time.¬†We recently discontinued the Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights and are concerned about the impact of any right on you, current or potential Acumatica Cloud ERP. So far, we`ve covered your right to an easy-to-understand SaaS end-user license agreement; Licensing that does not impede growth (and limited annual increases); ERP implementations with no hidden fees flexibility in making it available. Acumatica Chief Marketing Officer Todd Wells says it best in his Acumatica Summit 2020 Day Two Summary.

“Ultimately, Acumatica aims to deliver a superior user experience through flexibility, ease of use, seamless integration, automation, customization and quality updates. Higher experience also means being able to trust the company, the product, the partners and the security it can offer. If you think you have your data, you`re probably wrong. Again, according to Techopedia, “The caveat of the USA is that they do not protect the consumer, only the copyright holder. Consumers should never expect their rights to be protected by signing an ECJ.

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